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A sample of the storytelling programs we offer

Different Ways to Make a Story
Stories incorporating movement, singing, simple musical instruments, origami, string tricks, puppets and magic.

Worldwise Traveler
Legends, folk and fairy tales from around the world or from a specific culture or country.

Texas Prairie Tales
Stories of strong men, resourceful women and crafty critters of the Texas Prairie

Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins
From spooky stories to tales of terror, this age-adapted program provides just the right amount of spine-tingling fun.

Heart to Heart
Tales from diverse cultural and spiritual traditions, especially suited for healing and therapeutic settings.

Stories for Character Development
Just because kids would rather listen to stories than a lecture

Other popular programs

Strings 'n' Things
String tricks, folk toys and games from times past--a favorite of young and old alike.  For children, this presentation offers a glimpse at what life might have been like between 1850 and 1950, before video games. For many adults, this is an opportunity to reminisce.

What's Bugging You?
Drawing on his Ph.D. in entomology and insect-related anecdotes, Gene presents an age-based exploration of the fascinating world of insects and spiders, complete with a visit from our arthropod ambassadors—Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Traveling from preschools to prisons, Twice Upon a Time Storytellers have been sharing their tales together since 1999. Gene and Peggy's presentations blend this ancient oral tradition with personal narrative, science, history, modern nuance, cultural diversity and sometimes a soupcon of silliness to allow audiences to see the world in many new and imaginative ways.

Storytelling Workshops

Everyone's a Storyteller
This beginning workshop will help you hone your tale-telling skills, whether you are using them for family gatherings, library programs, business meetings or the storytelling stage.

First Do No Harm: Storytelling For Vulnerable Audiences
Gene and Peggy share the knowledge and resources gleaned from their 12 year experience of storytelling in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, domestic violence shelter, hospitals, HIV+ groups, hospice organizations, a juvenile detention center, and county, state and federal prisons.

Storytelling For Character Development
The title of this workshop says it all.  Whether working with children or adults, if you are confronting behavioral issues or just want to encourage good social and citizenship skills this workshop will provide you valuable resources.

Storytelling at the Winter Solsticelebration

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